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Welcome to the official website of Nicole Recker's Personal Brand.

Here you will view her second creation as an author. 


As an Author, Nicole shares her heart with vulnerability about all her life moments. With a variety of topics and emotions. Moments of uncertainty, fear, loss, self doubt, lack of trust, feeling invincible, grief, finding true love, Motherhood, overload, loss of identity, PTDS, healing and so much more.

This book is the first place where she shares her deepest stories with the world. Because of the lessons she learned along the way, she has this fire and determination to share her entire story. To show others that inner strength can be found, the importance of never giving up and to create space for the reader to discover "The Greater Plan" for their life.


Enjoy your time here, take a look through the site to find more information about her first very own book called "The Greater Plan." And discover her other creations.

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The two things that impacted me to write this book.

After writing my chapter and having Lead with Love published. I had a total stranger send me a message and she said that it was because she read my motherhood story that she chose not to commit suicide. (I still get emotional knowing this is the power of sharing our story.)

Secondly, I am an esthetician by trade. One day, I was pampering an elderly women of 104 and she said to me these words that will stay with me FOREVER. She said that she thought she would have to die with the things she had to heal from. (This hit heavy.)

So with these two experiences. I knew I had to share my story with the world.

Because Friend, 

We deserve to live and show up in this human experience as our most authentic selves, healed and knowing that our stories deserve to be shared.

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Have you ever been through something that has changed you?

If you have, keep watching as you discover The Greater Plan.

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Nicole takes you on a journey as she's shares her life experiences and lessons. 

She also shares some techniques she has learned that guide her along her healing journey. She also shares tips and exercises for people to do throughout the book to become their best self. 

Her goal in doing so is to help guide others along their life journeys. While showing them the importance of living their best life and taking the time to discover "The Greater Plan."

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Thank you for your time here!

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Learn about her other passion of educating, inspiring, empowering, encouraging and supporting others through her Arbonne Business.

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